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Milton and Butler

            The civil war in england had caused serious conclusions as to the natural course of english history. Up till then, monarchy had managed to establish a thorough dominance over the english public. England had adopted a system of ruling based upon authority of one ruler granted with absolute power. As we see in greek culture especially in plato's work republic the idea of a state with only one ruler was favored. They called the system body politics which was also accepted by the european society. The head was the ruler and the remaining parts were the citizens who had to be ruled. The idea of the divine rights of the king was put to emphasise the idea that the king is sovereing and to be obeyed in full submission. Ã"n the years leading up to 1640s certain disappointment was wittnessed amongst some religous sects with the authority of the king. Especially the puritans who were already complaining about incompleteness of the reformation were the ones who were most displeased with idea of a king. Charles I. began drawing the reaction of the puritans when he dissolved the parliament. The king's mistake was his wasting the money of the state for his own personal desires. We already know that a contentious conflict of the ideas had already began between royalists and puritans. Milton was the important figure in this conflict with the king. To summarise his personal opinion on how england shoul be ruled we can say that he supported the destruction of the kingdom and the establishment of a parlaiment. He favored the idea of a commonwealth state where a free parliament would work to give people a good and virtous life. As he saw the king as satanic figure who was exploiting people's labour to make his life comfortable, he fully believed in the idea of a parliament of puritans who were guarding people's rights. Ã"n the context of religion milton is known to be a strict puritan who thought that people should make their lives worth living by praying and reading the bible.

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