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Book Analysis: The Coldest Winter Ever

            The Coldest Winter Ever is a book based on fiction. However, the reality is, stories as such are prevalent and do exist in the real world. Winter Santiaga had a script. For the most part, her script read "play your hand close to your chest, and never trust anyone." Winter's producers were mainly her parents, and her directors were her so-called friends. There are many Winter Santiagas" in our society today. These are young girls form different ethnic backgrounds who haven't received scripts to prepare them for a macro-level society. .
             Santiaga, was Winter's main producer. He taught her how to play the game of his life, or his lifestyle, but he didn't and couldn't teach her that life isn't a game, but it is a gift from God, and you only get one. Her mother, taught her to place values in the wrong things, such as, physical appearances, clothes, jewelry, and expensive cars, nothing of real substance. Therefore, when her mother and father were no longer around to provide those things for her; her only survival was to either steal from others, use others, or exploit her own body to get what she was accustomed to having.
             Winter's parents hadn't prepared her for the latent part of life. She was only familiar with the manifest part of life, her father always made provisions for them, she never had to worry or plan for anything. Winter had unrealistic expectations of what life should be. Because of this expectation, she could not and would not allow ordinary people with normal means of provisions to help her. I t was very interesting to see that Winter didn't believe Sister Souljah wanted to help people in anyway she could, without money being her primary motivation. People like Sister Souljah, and the counselors at The House of Success didn't exist in Winter's world. .
             Winter couldn't comprehend the reality of normal living, such as going to work, going to school and getting an education.

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