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A Picture of Opportunity

            It was that one click of that camera that would hold a memory for years to come. It was that one priceless moment that my parents could not resist capturing. It was that picture that I am going to carry for the rest of my life that would hold numerous reasons of why I am the way I am today. .
             We sat in the front of our kitchen door that day as we desperately attempted to beat the sun's rays on our ice cream cones. Licking away, chocolate dripped down my shirt and covered my brother's face. But we were carefree, and satisfied, not knowing any of the future ahead of us. .
             As I reminisce now upon my favorite childhood picture, certain details jump out at me that make me realize a lot of how I became the person I am today. The kitchen door I sat in front of at age 3 was the door of opportunity. It was the opportunity to live, venture out into the backyard, and an exit to the new world. Since then, that door has represented now doors that open my views to more diverse situations that help me become the well rounded person I am today. My first "open door" is what I like to think as most important, freshman class secretary. That experience has taught me lessons I carry with every day. With that experience, I was able to travel to new places in my life I had never gone before. I attended PSU leadership camp and regional conference where I learned how to deal with large groups as a class leader. Once that door closed, I found even more to open for me. I became the host of a car wash charity group for September 11th. The car wash raised $4,000 dollars for the New York Firemen which I personally delivered. I was recognized on the television, in the newspaper, but more importantly, I learned to realize more about myself. I learned how much one person can make a difference. .
             It was that chocolate stain on my pink flowered shirt that sparked my memory a second time. The stain in that picture now, represents to me on how to deal with issues sometimes no one can control.

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