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Science is inhumane

            In human history, science has played a very important role in improving the development of human beings in different periods. In the last century, with the application of new technology, human society accelerated the change. Science refers to the tool and knowledge that is used by human beings to rebuild the physical world. Being humane is having or showing kindness, tenderness and compassion. The aim of science is to recognize the physical world. Obviously, science can change the whole world completely, including making people lives more convenient. However, every new technology brings vulnerability for its users. Thus, Science is inhumane. The essay will discuss this statement through three aspects: firstly, science downgrades the standard of human beings?ethics; secondly, the application of science brings inhumane results; finally, the failure of scientific policies causes disastrous results.
             Science leads to the decline of human beings?ethics. It increases human beings?inhumane emotions in researching and applying science. Abortion applying in the clinic is brutal for fetus. It is basic theory that the right of survival is the fundamental right. A fetus has the right to have a good and happy life no matter how small it is. It is claimed by Lakoff (1996) that a workingwoman who chooses abortion to keep her job violates the society's morality. He believes that the fetus is a complete living person, deserving of legal protection. Abortion destroys the lives of helpless, innocent children. Abortion is illegal in many religious countries as well. In addition, abortion may increase the sex action in adolescent. The pregnancy among teenagers has been a national concern for the past two decades. Pregnant adolescents can choose the abortion to protect their reputation. Thus the abortion causes some young person to ignore the ethical problem before they have sex. Doing animals experimentations is another element that causes people ruthless.

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