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            Mary Shelly's classic novel 'Frankenstien' is a classic portraid of the inhumane intergreties of the human urnings. The novel highlights many themes, such as Isolation, Rejection, Revenge, Love. The one I wish to highlight in my essay is the theme I have chosen to express as 'Science without a soul' Dr. Victor Franknstien became infactuated with science at a young age studing the ancient teachings of philosophy and biology. Then at the ripe age of 17 he went on to university where he met two interesting philosphers. The sparked in him a desire to be able to complete the unthinkable, to bring back to life what has already died. The elixer of life that could create immortality. So, Dr. Frankenstien shunned society from his life and began creating a human body, in his lab. He stole body parts from already dead people, and stiched them back together to create the form of a gigantic male being. Then, with his discovery of electromagnetics a dreary night in Novermber brought to life this magnificent creation. Dr. FRankenstien was amazed, star struck at first but once beholdng the living breating mass of dead carcass his amazment turned into fear and shame. Dr. Frankenstien was so consumed with his work that he neglected to realize exactly what a horrid monster he was building. So in terror he ran and left his creation alone to simply diassapear. He neglected his own creation and that lead to the series of events that followed because although science may be able to create such wonderful things such as life, love is the ultimate science of the human world. .

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