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            Through this paper I am going to explain how God is found throughout the novel Frankenstien. The main reason God is found throughout the novel is because Victor Frankenstein who is the main character in this novel has come up with a new technology that allows himself to play God. This new invention is where he discovers the secret to life.
             He hides in his apartment where no one can see him work, he decides to begin the construction of an animate creature, envisioning the creation of a new race of wonderful beings. He devotes himself to this labor, he neglects everything else which includes his family, friends, studies, and social life. He then grows increasingly pale, lonely, and obsessed. One stormy night, after months of labor, Victor completes his creation. But when he brings it to life, its awful appearance horrifies him. He rushes to the next room and tries to sleep, but he is troubled by nightmares about Elizabeth and his mother's corpse. .
             He wakes to discover the monster looming over his bed with a grotesque smile and rushes out of the house. He spends the night pacing in his courtyard. The next morning, he goes walking in the town of Ingolstadt, frantically avoiding a return to his now haunted apartment. He is later relieved to find that it appears that the monster is gone, but is unsure if it will return. Victor finds a letter from his father telling him that Victor's youngest brother, William, has been murdered. Saddened, shocked, and apprehensive, Victor departs immediately for Geneva. .
             By the time he arrives, night has fallen and the gates of Geneva have been shut, so he spends the evening walking in the woods around the outskirts of the town. As he walks near the spot where his brother's body was found, he spies the monster lurking and becomes convinced that his creation is responsible for killing William. The next day, however, when he returns home, Victor learns that Justine has been accused of the murder.

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