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A tale of Two Cities comparasion essay

            Many objects, situations, persons can be compared as well as contrasted in various works of literature. One can compare a tragic Shakespeare play to a romantic comedy, as well as an action-thriller with a mythology. Despite the obvious difference that will come bound in the works, there may be many similar qualities among certain characters within. For example, such enormous comparison can be shown through characters in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and the dramatic play, The Crucible by Arthur Miller.
             Madame Defarge is a brutal and bloodthirsty woman in the dramatic novel, A Tale of Two Cities. The setting was during the French Revolution and she was a going after tasteful revenge after the killing of her siblings. The results of her wanting this revenge on the aristocracy wasn't because of the fact that she was a republic of the land but rather because of the personal tragedy as well as the oppression that she had suffered by the rulers. Her actions led of many people being guillotined. .
             Abigail Williams is a young girl in Arthur Miller's play, The Crucible, who is quiet similar to Madam Defarge. Abigail finds herself to be hopelessly in love with a happily married man by the name of John Proctor. Soon afterwards, John Proctor ends the sinful affair with Abigail who fills her with anger, pain and a desire to get revenge. What more perfect way of getting bliss revenge on her former lover, particularly John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth Proctor, other then setting the whole town of Salem into accusations of the women of the town committing witchcraft? Because of Abigail as well as her friends, many innocent women in the town of Salem were hung.
             Despite time settings, there is much similarty between these two desired characters. Both caused deaths of many innocent people just because they had some personal revenge that they had to take upon a certain person. Madame Defarge taking lives during the Revolution, and Abigail taking lives of women during the Salem witch trials.

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