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Child Labor in the 19th Century

            The issue here is simple, was the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century more harmful or helpful in today"s society? The Industrial Revolution brought out wonderful inventions, such as the Cotton Gin, Steam engine, and many other great inventions that are still in use, and are the same basic model but with a few modifications. With each machine that has been manufactured, life was supposed to become that much simpler, and that much faster. Most people in today's society take these not so simple contraptions for granted, such as the washing machine or even the dishwasher. Most people use these on a daily basis to save time and energy. Think of how much time it would take for you to wash each article of clothing like our great grandparents and grandparents had to do. I am sure that their wash cycle took longer then the wash cycle of the modern day washing machine. In today's world, everything is just a pick up and go, hurry and get things done faster. That is why I know that without machines, life as we know it today, would be that much more hectic and it would seem as if there wasn't enough time in the day in order to get things done. But to compare, was it the best for us to have these machines come in and run our lives? Have our lives become more complicated because of these inventions? .
             In my opinion, life has become more complicated; by various machines becoming more complex then they were in the old days. People at the turn of the century, relied on themselves in order to get their work done, such as washing the dishes or clothes by hand, and they didn't have much free time in order to have the luxury of watching TV, playing on the computer or doing extra curricular activities, like we do today. Back in the day, the free time consisted of doing the chores that were needed to be done around the house, so there wasn't anytime to do anything else, but now that machines were invented to make our lives easier, everyday activities of doing chores have become a thoughtless way of life.

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