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Beggining of Earth Theories

             When the beginning of the Earth comes to mind you probably think of at least one theory called the Big Bang Theory or perhaps Darwin's Evolution Theory. What most people don't know is that there are two other theories that are widespread in the science world. The four main theories of the creation of the Earth are The Big Bang, Steady State, Evolution, and Pangaea Theory. .
             First I will discuss the Big Bang Theory. Georges Lemaítre proposed the Big Bang theory in the 19th Century. He proposed that 15 billion years ago a big bang occurred, creating the universe. The universe began as an infinite dense, hot fireball, scrambling time and space. Within the first second of the universe coming into existence, gravity came into being. The universe expanded rapidly and became flooded with subatomic particles that slammed into each other creating protons, and neutrons. According to scientist three minutes later, when the temperature reached a blistering 500 billion degrees Fahrenheit, protons and neutrons formed the nuclei of hydrogen, helium, and lithium the simplest elements. .
             It then took another 500 thousand years for atoms to form and an additional 300 million years for stars and galaxies to begin to appear. Countless stars, condense from swirling nebulae, evolve and died before our own sun and its planets ever came into existence. Thus it was four and one half billion years ago that our solar system was formed from a cloud of dust and hot gasses according to the Big Bang Theory. .
             Now people try and ask where the big bang occurred, and try and get a specific location on the "explosion- of the universe. But the answer is simple, because space and time originated during the big bang; it is not possible to put a specific location of space where it happened. Every single point of the universe was there, thus, every point in the universe is where the big bang happened. Take this analogy for example, of a balloon.

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