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The Religious And Scientific Aspects Of Creation

            The creation of the Earth and life has been something that people have not been sure about many years before we were born. Many people looked toward the religious aspect of how every thing was created, while others chose to find out through the study of science. Throughout history, religion has caused much controversy towards the people that were trying to find out the scientific way of creation. Even though there have been many conflicts between religion and science there have been many discoveries that have made it possible for people to use science to figure out things without going against their morals. One of the most widely read books ever published, the Bible, tells us many things about the creation of life and our world, and there are also many science books that tell us the same thing but from a different view. Which one of these is true? Could both the Bible and science be true at the same time?.
             It is very interesting to look at the order of when things were created according to the Bible; in some science books one could find out that it is exactly the same. One will find that the creation of the physical universe, which includes space, time, matter, galaxies, planets, and stars, comes first. The formation of a stable water cycle on Earth would come next. The establishment of continents and oceans would follow. Everything else that was created would also come in the same order.
             The first thing one may wonder about is how the solar system was created. According to scientific study, about 4.6 billion years ago an interstellar cloud of gas and dust began to collapse under the force of its own gravity. As the cloud collapsed, it began to rotate and flatten into a spinning disk (How Earth Was Formed 2). In the center of this disk was a large ball of gas, which soon became our sun. The gas and dust around the sun started to clump together. These later became the planets, which now circulate the sun.

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