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What Perspective of Change have you Gained From Your Reading

            Change is complex, it can be seen as positive or negative, it can be a choice or you can have no control in the matter for example the aging process in Sky High. This can be put in contrast to the door and Grease, where change is seen to be positive. We can see these changes through the use of techniques used by the three composers.
             Sky high is a nostalgic piece of writing which recreates the world of the person's childhood. Hannah Robert uses the use of a washing line as the main symbol of change in this reflective recount. Roberts uses the metaphor of "the best climbing tree" to represent the imagination and sense of adventure of a typical child. As we see the child grow into an adult her views and opinions change and now she sees the washing line as "more age warped". The symbol of the "socks and knickers and shirts like coloured flags in a secret code" represents the mysterious and unknown adult. The change in hands from "smooth" to ones etched in "scars and wrinkled" symbolises physical change through aging. The woman telling Sky High has matured and Roberts has used metaphors like the "pilot light burning somewhere inside" to represent an adults desire for fun and adventure, which is contained and limited by common sense, the need to conform and a consideration of the consequences such as "it's unlikely the washing line could support me now". Overall the change from childhood to adulthood is seen as negative, this is signified by the contrast between the positive ideas of "flying" and being "sky high" and then the restriction of being "tied down" by responsibilities.
             The Door gives the message that it is important to embrace change and that change should be advocated. It also shows that change can be difficult if individuals are ignorant to change. The poet Miroslau Holub, suggests that we have a choice about whether to change or not to change. Holub also acknowledges that the consequences of change can be positive or negative.

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