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The Importance of Being Authentic

            There are many ways we form a sense of self and there are numerous reasons why we should strive to be authentic! Batcheder says to accept the "center" of other person's worlds in order to gain a second opinion. This allows us to pass on what we learn to the next person helping to change the world. Walker embodies the fact that we are all beautiful in our own way and, although it may be hard she suggests we accept it no matter what. This allows us to recognize our own gifts a talents helping us keep hold of our inner selves. Zora Neal Huston is an example of someone who worked hard and strived to be at the top of society when everyone doubted her. While managing to keep her roots in mind, overcoming the toughest obstacles helped her gain positive perspective on her true potential. Malcom X by simple reading a dictionary opened his mind to the entire new world, helping us understand our place in society, educating us on how to find and become who we want to become. Mikel Glass's art work drives home the point that at a young age it is okay to be lost but, as soon as we get to a certain point in life we need to rise above our old immature ways and have a meaningful life. Taylor Mali insists it's extremely important to be educated even with the smallest of details, in this case correct grammar will go a long way in getting others to understand what you are trying to say. .
             Donald Batchelder in "The Green Banana" shows us, learning from others and seeing what they have to offer, what they have learned from being authentic helps us gain a second opinion in order to pass it on to the next person showing our own authenticity. In the essay Batchelder starts by says that, "the rock marks the center of the world" (Batchelder). He is starting off by telling us that we are authentic in our own way. As he continues on with the essay he says, "The man sliced one in half and pressed the cut end against the radiator jacket" (Batchelder).

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