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Comprimise in early American history

            Essentially, compromise is irremissable to the balance of any war, any state of independence and to our country even though compromise may not always be powerful enough to make a distinct change. Without the pursuit of compromise during war, neither side will be victorious, for both sides of any war had weaknesses and needs. From the American Revolutionary War, to the Civil War, the ability for our country's founders and even its first generations to compromise (and perhaps even their ability to not compromise) has shaped the United States into its existence as we know it today. Compromise is relevant to our country's history because without it, we would have been England. And without it, we as Americans would not know the meaning of hard work and flexibility. We live in a world of tolerance and fortitude. Without compromise, we would act and think tyrannically and ruthlessly. It creates a delicate balance between people who are willing to give in to others in order to receive. Without negotiation and compromise, the positive and the negative, the United States would be forever changed.
             Compromise is the premise for many of our country's largest political and governmental evolutions. For example, the Great Compromise: at the Constitutional Convention it brought together the ideal government layouts from two polar opposites of our early country. As laid forth in the Virginia Plan, the proposal was for three branches of government to check upoon each other to prevent an overpowering of one or all. The lower house would elect the upper house on the basis of population. In the New Jersey Plan, there was a layout of one house with equal representation for all states. The Great Compromise bound the two proposals together with the end result of the Senate (house based on equal votes) and the House of Representatives (based on population). Along with the representation of male Caucasians, the representation of African Americans came into effect as well.

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