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Animal Rights

             I"m writing to you about people's opinions on zoos. I think that zoos can protect endangered and rare species. These animals could keep out from predators.
             Many people think that the animals in the zoos are cooped up in concrete enclosures and forced to live outside their natural climatic conditions. But zoos are actually using modern methods to conserve endangered species and using a range of landscaped enclosures to house the animals in comfort. And if people let the endangered species out the zoo, they have less chance to survive.
             Zoos are also educational. Some people saying that the zoos are not educational because the animals are kept in cages and not in their natural habitat. But I think that people has less chance to see rare species in their natural habitat. In the zoo, people have the opportunity to see the most marvellous animals which we don't get the chance to see every day. Zoos offer the visitor an enriching experience and give them a greater understanding of animals. But if you go to see the animals in their natural habitats, you will not learn much about them.
             Some people also think that animals in zoos have been treated cruelly and housed poorly. But in fact, animals in zoos are well treated with expert veterinary care and are given adequate nutritious food which is not always available to them in the wild. Zoos also give scientists the opportunity to conduct research into animals" habitats and life styles. The information they gathered will help the animals too.
             Zoos have much more benefits to both animals and people than the negative affects so I think we shall build more zoos so all animals can live in comfort.

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