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Affirmative Action

             Affirmative Action is the action taken to provide equal opportunity as in admissions or employment, for minority groups and women, but is that fair? Is discrimination the solution to solving past discrimination? Affirmative Action began on the basis to help minorities and women, but in the process, reverse discrimination has taken place. Choosing a candidate for a job or for school admission should be because of their talents and abilities, not because of one's color or gender. Why should some people get special preferences over others? There should be no special treatments, and no special preferences given to people. Everyone has the opportunity to advance in this country; you just have to take the initiative.
             In the workplace, Affirmative Action has tried to alter or change who is hired solely for race or gender, is this what we want? Do we want to get hired on the basis of our race rather then how hard we worked? There are hiring and recruiting preferences for veterans, women, and the children of alumni of many universities. Because affirmative action gives preferences to certain races, then there is nothing more to work hard for. People: White, Black, Asian, Spanish, and many other races, have all worked very hard to get to where they are. Just because one is male, or just because one is white doesn't mean one worked any less. Adding fuel to my argument that Affirmative Action should be considered in the work place is that, according to the Washington Post, out of 1700 people surveyed randomly, 92% of women, and 84% of African Americans agreed that race and gender shouldn't be an issue when being hired for a job. People in general would rather earn their job than have it handed to them. Don't insult their intelligence.
             In 1978 the Supreme Court began to diversify the campuses of America's college campuses to a generation of minority students, it made a very powerful distinction as race being a "plus factor.

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