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jack dempsey

            Thousands of people cheering for there beloved Jack Dempsey. Even though it was raining these true boxing fanatics didn't care because they came to see Dempsey revenge his loss. They were still cheering for him but didn't know what to make of the fight because it seemed like a repeat of his first bout with Gene Tunney. Then in the seventh when Dempsey hit Tunney with one of his signature punches and then followed with a booming left hook and then another shattering right. Suddenly Tunney began to fall but even when it seemed the worst part had come for Tunney he was hit with a four punch combination while falling. This is what everyone was waiting for Dempsey finally landed the shot that everyone wanted him too. There is no way Tunney would get up but wait why isn't the ref counting he is cheating Dempsey of his revenge. This is where the legend of "the long count" started. The ref couldn't count until Dempsey would go back to the neutral corner. Therefore giving Tunney more time to get his energy back to continue the fight. Sure enough Tunney got up and was able to continue the fight. .
             This was an interesting match up because the fighters got to the fight two very different ways. Dempsey was born into a poor family in Manassa, Colorado. He was "The American Dream". Since he grew up poor many people could relate to him that is why he became so popular and also because of the way he fought. Dempsey was purely a street brawler who happened to be in a boxing ring. Dempsey became famous when he knocked out boxer Jess Willard. After the fight Willard left the ring with a broken jaw, not one but two broken ribs, a messed up eye. This was a shock to the public because Willard Knocked out Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson was a great boxer and also famous for being the first African- American heavy weight champion. Dempsey picked up the nickname "The Manassa Mauler"because he was strictly a brawler and he was from Manassa.

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