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            In this essay I am going to talk about boxing. I am going to tell you were it started, what are the rules, who were the best boxers and many more.
             Boxing is a fist fighting sport between two people wearing padded gloves. A boxer's primary aim is to land as many punches as possible to the head and torso of the opponent, using strength and speed to win in the contest. Boxing is one of the oldest sports still being practised now. Boxing dates back thousand of years. Today many people practise boxing and it is popular in many parts of the world.
             For most of the 20th century, boxing attracted huge fan and media attention in the United States. Some boxing champions became legendary. Boxers like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, and Rocky Marciano became larger-than-life figures for their boxing matches. Boxing was criticized a lot throughout its history for its violent nature and high injury rate. But somehow boxing always managed to survive, probably because the public like to watch how two people are beating each other. .
             The origins of boxing are unknown. But it is known that along with running, wrestling, and the use of weapons, boxing was part of a young man's education in ancient Greece. The Romans also embraced boxing, turning the sport into a brutal gladiator fight. Boxers of this time covered their hands and arms with a leather thong called a cestus. Sometimes it was studded with metal spikes. The combatants often fought until one was killed.
             With the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century, boxing seemed to disappear. Boxing did reappear in English society in 1660. The first mention of a staged fight came in an English newspaper in 1681. The first boxing champion was James Figg, who claimed the title in 1719. James Broughton, a protégé of Figg, drew up a set of rules in 1743 promoting the idea that boxing was a British sport. Broughton's rules did not allow hitting below the waist or hitting an opponent who was down.

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