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             Boxing is a sport which requires a lot of time and patience in order to learn. A boxer has to have several techniques learned before they even begin to think about stepping into the ring. The three main skills involved in boxing are offense, defense, and posture. These three components, if done correctly, should make you able to handle your own in the ring.
             Offense is the key to maximizing your effectiveness in the ring. Before you even step into the ring you will need to determine your stance. You can do that by simply choosing your stance according to the hand you write with. If you are left handed, you are goofy footed or southpaw. If you are right handed you have a regular stance. A regular stance means you will lead with your left foot and vise versa for goofy footed boxers. While in the ring, your elbows should always be tucked in towards the sides of your body. This is one of the most fundamental tips in boxing. If your elbows are not tight, your punches are less effective resulting in a loss of endurance by having to throw even more punches. The foot you lead with will be the hand that you jab with. Jabs should be thrown very frequent to keep the distance of your opponent. Jabs are also effective for setting up your power punches that will be coming from your opposite hand. At first you will probably not be comfortable throwing your jab but as time goes on it will become second nature. Your power punches need to be thrown when an opportunity presents itself. If you have never boxed power punches will be the only punches that will feel natural to you. This is because they will be coming from the hand that you write with and favor. Your offense is probably the single most important skill in boxing.
             The defense you present will either keep you standing or falling. To have a good defense hands must always be up and close to the body. You will have to pay close attention to your opponent's punches because you should try and meet their punches in midair sort of like a sword meeting a shield.

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