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Violence in Entertainment

             You can still see the negative effects of violence in entertainment today as you could in Roman civilization. Such effects include drinking, hustling and gambling, and riots. All of these you could observe at horse racing, sporting, and theatre in Roman times as you can see at baseball, football games and boxing matches today.
             Even though organized public sports are all in good fun, some of them encourage or put a false sense of good in violence and maybe that's why so many people don't get enough fun out of the games themselves that they have to bet on events and drink while they are at these events. The drinking and gambling also took place in Roman civilization at such events as organized public sports and especially boxing (an even more brutal sport) where people have died participating accidentally.
             Boxing, two guys beating the crap out of each other for money (or in Roman times, for their lives). Don't get me wrong, I love a good fight as much as the next guy, but when a sport that is intended for mature viewers is seen by young children, they might get a false sense of good by the people cheering in the background. It is sad that it is like that now because it did not happen in Roman times (where you had to actually see the fight). .
             Theatre and acting as certainly taken on a different role since the roman ages. But then again, it still has many similar elements that visualize violence. In Roman times there were female actresses that would strip on stage, but I can just turn on Cinemax late at night and see that. So can the viewer that is not supposed to be watching it (children) get a false sense of feeling for a woman and that leads to sexism and all that. .
             Maybe the television, videos, i.e. ultimate fighting championships, and other telecommunications, i.e. the internet, (pornography, wrestling) might be responsible for extorting violence from the minds into history, or maybe it's our own nature, but I don't think that people have targeted the direct source of violence, entertainment.

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