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            Boxing has been known as a sport since 1838. From Ethiopia to ancient Egypt and even .
             spread throughout the Mediterranean area. Boxing was added into the Olympic sporting .
             event in 688 B.C. Even before that time boxing was known by the Greeks. One form of boxing was for the opponents to sit on stones facing one another and pound away at each other until one of them was knocked out. As time passed, boxing grew violently. The Romans added Brass Studs and later pinned the men into an arena where the Gladiators would fight to the death. Boxing was banned by Rome about 30 B.C. Before losing the sport the Romans were the first to invent the ring which was a drawn are scratched marked circle.
             As Christianity grew boxing disappeared as a whole from Europe. Later, coming to England in the 17th century. At that point and time the sport was a combination of wrestling and boxing. Where the boxers were allowed to actually grab their opponent and throw them to the ground, jump on him, and hit him while he was down. .
             Thrusting into the 20th century boxing reached new heights. From Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier and many other great boxers, boxing was more of a sense defined as Prize fighting. .
             The First Million dollar fight was between formerly known Casius Clay, Muhammad Ali, and the supposed American's Champ, Joe Frazier. A friendship grew bitter amongst the fighters after Muhammad Ali lost his title and was imprisoned in jail for his Muslim beliefs. After regaining the public's attention he then called out Joe Frazier to fight that would go down in history as the first million dollar payday amongst boxers. After losing the first of 3 fights with Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali recaptured the title and went on to defeat Joe Frazier 2 out of the 3 fights. Embarking on a monstrous fight with George Foreman in Africa, whom defeated Frazier for the Heavy Title. Boxing has come to be a huge payday sense those times.

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