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The Atlantic System

             Sugar was the most important product of South Atlantic System. For fulfill the sugar requirement, the plantation owners need a lot of labors to run the production. So the English merchants use the slaves. Slavery played a crucial role in the development of the modern world economy. Slaves provided the labor power necessary to settle and develop the New World. And slaves could be forced to work far longer hours than free workers. The European planters paid more for men slave than women slave. Slaves not only produced sugar, also produced the first mass consumer markets such as tobacco, coffee, cocoa, and later cotton. The African slave trade also stimulated Europeans shipping, manufacturing, and gun-making. .
             The slave trade had profound consequences for Europe. Between the early 1500s and the early 1800s, the slave trade became one of Europe's largest and most profitable industries. Profits form the slave trade were said to run as high as 300 percent. In the mid eighteenth century, a third of the British merchant fleet was engaged in transporting 50,000 Africans a year to the New World. .
             But it wasn't just slave traders or New World planters who benefited from the slave trade. American ship-owners, farmers, and fisherman also profited from slavery. Slavery played a pivotal role in the growth of commercial capitalism in the colonies. The slave plantations of the West Indies became the largest market for American fish, oats, corn, flour, lumber, peas, beans, hogs, and horses. New Englanders distilled molasses produced by slaves in the French and Dutch West Indies into rum. .
             The slave trade had an enormous impact on African society. One of its most profound consequences was demographic. While the trade probably did not reduce the overall population, it did produce a radically skewed sex ratio. During the slave trade era, in most parts of West and Central Africa there were only 80 men in the age bracket 15-60 for every 100 women.

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