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Batter My Heart

            In the poem, "Batter My Heart," John Donne demonstrates the idea of violence in the first first section through.
             the words and imagery. For instance, the speaker expresses his need for salvation in a violent manner by using.
             the words "Batter my heart." The word "batter" introduces the violent imagery that is used throughout the first.
             section. Furthermore, "heart" emphasizes the speakers desperate demand for salvation because the heart is the seat.
             of all emotions. Also, Donne demonstrates the idea of violence in the first section by exemplifying the violent.
             image of a battering of three against one. In the second line of the poem, the idea of a laborer is introduced.
             which continues to deomstrate the idea of violence. The laborer is "seeking" to repair something that is damaged.
             by using a violent manner. However, as the word "seek" suggests, this effort will not be successful. The final.
             solution of the poem is suggested in the third line by the use of the words "rise" and "stand." Donne uses the.
             words "rise" and "stand" to demonstrate the idea of overthrowing something that is still in the same form. Not.
             only does the third line suggest the final solution of the poem, but the fourth one does as well. For instance, as.
             Donne expresses through the idea of a blacksmith, the real solution does not lie in "mending" but rather "making.
             something new". Therefore, the words and imagery of the first section not only serve to express the idea of.
             violence, but hint to the final solution of the poem as well. .

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