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             The poem, "BATTER MY HEART, THREE-PERSONED GOD" written by John Donne, sometime in 1610, is a extremely spiritual in nature. John Donne was probably a very religious man. It seems that he worshiped God and feared the devil. As a result, fearing that he was becoming consumed with evil, Donne dedicates the poem to his "Three-Personed God", the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, begging him to take him over. .
             At first Donne asks his God to mend his heart. By this he means to shape it in a holly way. He asks God to rejuvenate him, get rid of, burn, his old evil self, and create a new John Donne. Quite possibly John Donne, just like any average person, committed numerous acts of sin. As a result he probably fears going to hell and begs God to renew him. He wants God to breathe fresh air into his lungs and turn him into a Saint.
             He then asks god to separate him from Satan. Instead he wishes to take Gods hand in marriage and be his disciple. He asks God to cleanse his past relations with the devil and begs him to enslave him as his servant. It seems to me that Donne is losing faith in his religion and needs some inspiration from God. It appears that John Donne is looking for some sort of sign or vision from God telling him that God is real. Donne feels that he is selling out to the devil, and that it is impossible for him to reform himself. This is very common among people in the early seventeenth century. Due to the Protestant Reformation, many people searched for ways to reassure themselves that God exists. Donne, too, searched hard for the same proof.


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