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Comparing Macbeth to Watergate

            King and President Both Crippled By There Own Flaws. The Watergate scandal in 1972 changed the United States government. President Nixon's mistakes built up until his entire presidency fell apart. Shakespeare's Macbeth relates to the Watergate scandal in a few ways, such as, both Macbeth and Nixon hadmany people involved in their scandals. Also, the way in which they were caught and the effect Macbeth and Nixon's scandal had on them. Though they both start off thinking it will be a great idea, both scandals end in great tragedy.
             The first way Macbeth relates to Watergate is that Macbeth and president Nixon both had many people involved in their scandals, "For Macbeth murder prompted more murder in order to prevent witness from exposing him and to consolidate his power corruption he found led him down a lonely path of fear and distrust"(Wills 2). Like Macbeth, Nixon would have people do something for him and then have to give them hush money, which led to more and more people being involved. In Shakespeare's play Macbeth says, "If chance will have me king why chance may crown me without stir" (Shakespeare 253).He, like Nixon, thinks he can get what he wants without there being any other trouble in getting there, but soon they both find out how wrong they are. .
             Macbeth ended up killing many people that got in the way of his becoming king. He even killed his best friend Banquo and tried to kill Banquo's son. Macbeth, like Nixon, did whatever was necessary to achieve his goal. They let nothing stop them from achieving the goal they set out to achieve from the start.
             Also like Macbeth Nixon thought he could never get caught. They both thought they could do what they wanted with no worries. Macbeth was told by the third apparitioner, "Macbeth shall never be vanquished be until great Burnim wood to high Dunsinane hill shall come against him." He was also told no man born of womb could harm him.

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