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The middle passage

             The Middle Passage.
             The Middle Passage was the story of a man's struggle through the passage into America and the passage into slavery. The story was drawn out in a very specific way. The narrator was the only one who spoke throughout the whole movie. I think the movie was meant to be portrayed in a diary-like way. It was a day-to- day account of the disease, frustration, fear, and starvation these "princes of Africa" were forced to endure. .
             It was a story of anger and sadness. The narrator shows a true sadness for the loss of his country, and it's people's dignity and freedom. He mourns over the women whose bodies are ravaged by the sailors. He mourns for the children back in Africa who will grow up without knowing the great history and culture these men could have passed onto them, but had to bury once they stepped on the boat. However, these men kept a strong bond with each other, even though oneman may have not even been able to speak to another. They were alone, but in the same way they were a unity. They kept what little hope they could have. Like that one day, without communicating anything, it was as if they"d all decided in their hearts that that day they would dance their own dance, and say the words of their own prayers. They connected through the prayer given to their gods. They asked for mental and physical strength, and for the ability to endure the pain they would experience. .
             The narrator tells at the end that over half of the men were lost to suicide, disease, starvation, or exhaustion by the end of the journey. He too was killed and thrown into the sea, in chains like the rest of them. He tells how their spirits will join hands and will one day be reborn so that they will claim the life that had been taken away from them. They would be reborn to spread the wisdom and strength they had gained.

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