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middle passage

             The middle passage was a long and extremely difficult journey for the Africans. They were enslaved by the Europeans and brought to the Americas and the Caribbean. The slaves were treated like animals. The conditions in which they "lived" in were atrocious. The sailors raped the women and children. The Middle Passage was a horrible period in history, but we must not pretend like it never happened, we have to remember and honor those who lost their lives during all of this.
             The Africans were captured by the Europeans, and sometimes with help of other Africans who wanted weapons and other luxuries of the north. The slaves were then chained together and placed at the bottom of the ship like animals. They were fed small amounts of "food". .
             Sometimes some of the slaves would die of malnutrition and disease. Mice and maggots would eat their bodies. This also caused the bottom of the ship to smell even worse then it did before. Other slaves would commit suicide; they decided that they rather die than be treated as if they were animals.
             At night, the sailors would bring up the women and children and force themselves upon them. The African men would try to sleep to get their strength for the next day while hearing their women and children screaming and crying from above. By the time the ship had reached its" destination more than half of the slaves had died.
             The middle passage was a harsh voyage from Africa to the Americas; many Africans lost their lives during this voyage. Nearly 1.5 million were said to have been killed during this time period. This went on for over 400 years. This shows that men when given the chance will do anything to come out being the most powerful. .

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