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Incoming and Domestic Tourism

             Discussion on the Natural Attractions Britain has to offer both National and International tourists.
             The Tourism Industry in Britain only began to evolve at the end of the 2nd World War. Having since rapidly grown, tourism has become a serious source of industry and income for the United Kingdom. While enticing both incoming and domestic tourists into visiting regions of interest and providing a service to these customers who's demands continue to change over the years. .
             Great Britain is renowned worldwide for its rich landscapes, clear lakes and other areas of outstanding natural beauty, making it a popular place for many to visit. Some examples Areas of both leisure and geographical interest include mountain ranges like Snowdonia and Cairngorm Mountains, Lake District, Loch Lomond and natural parks like Brecon Beacons and the Yorkshire Dales. .
             Organisations like The BTA (British Tourism Industry) and ETC (English Tourism Council) have merged as one to promote Britain's natural attractions to potential incoming tourists more efficiently; Whilst National Tourist boards are responsible solely for promoting Domestic Tourism. .
             Incoming and Domestic Tourists often have different needs when looking for a holiday. Domestic tourists" vacations are usually the length of their weekend, whilst incoming tourists may stay for one or two weeks sometimes longer. Therefore depending on how far tourists have travelled and how long they intend to stay at a destination tends to decide their general needs.
             Incoming tourists" needs differ greatly from those of the Domestic tourist. This is generally due to both the cost and distance they have travelled to get to their destination of choice. They are looking for a certain quality that the domestic tourist is not and demand a standard of quality which matches the cost. They are likely to spend a longer period of time at a destination and so demand more from that area.

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