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Miss Bessie

            Many times our lives don't always go the way we want. So when we see an opportunity, we should take full advantage of it. The article "Miss Bessie, Memories of a teacher" by Carl Rowan, expresses this idea. In Tennessee, the teaching and learning is exceptional and it should be fully appreciated. .
             Tennessee is a state in which there are exceptional teachers. As stated in the article, "Miss Bessie: Memories of a teacher; Miss Bessie was one of those teachers. She was a teacher who taught in a segregated high school at a very tough time. It was a time of racism and economic suffering. As a dedicated teacher, she got books from the library for the African American children. She showed many signs of being a good teacher. One of those signs was her emphasis of writing. She told her students, "If you don't read, you can't write, and if you cant write, you can stop dreaming." She put a great deal of emphasis on working hard so the students would succeed in life. She was an evidence of the dedicated teacher of Tennessee. .
             Moreover, teachers like Miss Bessie should be appreciated. When someone is as concerned as she was about her students, they should be treasured. She posed as a stern teacher so that the students would try harder. Her hard effort only went to the students. She taught to make a much better society. Even if she might not have made a difference in the whole society, she got through to her own students. .
             Knowledge is the power that can never be taken away from you. If you have the advantage of gaining education, you should take full advantage of it. Miss Bessie's way of teaching made a difference and taught the students to keep working hard and never to give up. .

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