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Literature in Music

            Question: Explain how any song can be considered as literature.
             When the term literature is used, we perceive it in the form of novels, poetry and short stories. We tend to overlook other interpretations of literature with similar underlining ideals. Literature is viewed as imaginative and creative writing and a sign of the time. Few artists exhibit their talents in creating this type of musical form that convey ideas and stories that fall into the category of literature. .
             As music becomes more and more popular in our contemporary society, we realize that our music is a reflection of not only the artist but also a piece of art that is an expression of ourselves. Therefore, the artist whom has expressed their talents through works of words, sounds and inspirations whose lyrics I find to be the most inspiring and truthful would be, Tori Amos. Tori is an artist whose distinctive style and background allows her to be not only the character she is but allows her to music to fall into the category of literature. Her distinctive style of songwriting is why I feel her work is so powerful. Tori writes about the truth that lies within her imagination and her life. Anyone who follows this singer and is aware of her background will understand while listening to her songs exactly what she is singing about. Whether it is of her unfortunate encounter with rape or her strong religious backgrounds with a father as a preacher, her music is as real as any songwriter can be. .
             Tori's talents allow her to excel at three major tasks at one time. She plays the piano, she sings and she tells a short story all at one time. This performer unlike any other could easily fall into a one-man show act. She seems to be comfortable with her atmosphere and is one to incorporate the audience into her live shows. Being as simple .
             as a sneeze or a fan screaming how much they love her. She dances in glee around her baby grand piano occasionally shoeless and sings every song just as remarkable as the record you would buy at the record store.

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