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All The Pretty Horses

            All The Pretty Horses .
             In the novel All The Pretty Horses, one comes across a lot of different people with idealistic views. One sees everything from a sixteen-year-old boy desperately seeking to run his late grandfather's ranch, to two lovers separated by culture that end up with broken hearts after an illicit affair. While John Grady Cole seems to be the one with the biggest dreams and most distorted perception of reality in this novel, there are others who share his same train of thought. Alejandra, Blevins and The Duena Alfonsa are examples of other characters in the novel that are living in an idealistic world.
             On John Grady Cole and Lacey Rawlins journey across the border the two young men come across a thirteen-year- old boy, named Blevins who has run away from home after being severely beaten by his stepfather. " I told that son of a bitch I wouldn't take a whippin off of him and I didn't. Your daddy? My daddy never come back from the war. Your stepdaddy? Yeah."(Page 64) After hearing the complete story of his travels and witnessing him taking back his horse and his gun, one can see the similarities in both boys' stories. "It ain't stealin, said Blevins. It's my horse"(Page80) Lacey Rawlins admiration for Blevins shines through when he is speaking to Cole about him. "I'll say one thing about him, said Rawlins. Who? Blevins. What's that? The little son of a bitch wouldn't stand still for nobody high-jackin his horse."(Page88) First, both boys had what they felt was rightfully theirs taken away. They both also return to their homes to regain these possessions. Even though the end result of their efforts differs, they both have the same mind frame to their similar situations. Both boys are very determined and have a strong feeling of what is morally right.
             Unlike Blevins, The Duena Alfonso's story doesn't resemble Cole's story, yet she still shares similar qualities with him.

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