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The Miniture Horse Farm

             After many bumpy highways, dusty gravel roads and long stretches of absolutely nothing, we rolled up to beautiful white picket fence with the name, Rolling Hills Miniature Horse Farm, I knew it would be outstanding. I saw dozens and dozens of miniature horses, and since this was my first time at a miniature horse farm, I was very excited. Everywhere I looked there was either a little baby miniature horse or a full grown, very pretty miniature horse. The whole place was lovely. .
             As I was walking up to the horses, I could smell the fresh cut grass and all the hay, it was the smell of a well-kept farm, although, I had to watch every step I took. When the horses saw me walking up to them, they were so excited and very friendly. The babies had very soft, fine hair; while the older ones had hair that was kind of rough and brittle. I got to feed all of the horses their oats for the day, and when I did that, they all fought. They love those oats! They would kick and nay at each other, and at us. .
             These horses were not big. The newborns were only 12 inches tall and oldest ones were only about 32 inches tall. They aren't meant to pull carriages and you can't ride them. They are just for looks and for show, and maybe a companion. .
             While the baby miniature horses were in training to be shown, most of all of the other horses were show quality. The show quality horses are show horses shown around the country and have won many prizes.
             As I was on my way to look at all of the miniature horses, I didn't think they would ever be as beautiful as they were. I now understand why they are so expensive. Can you imagine, $75,000 for a single horse that is only 32 inches tall? Pretty amazing.

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