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The Letter from Birmingham Jail

            In the " Letter from Birmingham jail" Dr king shows the reader the problem that .
             He effective established a series of emotional appeals that lets the reader .
             feel the story in his flesh. He talks about how the values and rights of the black .
             community are being violated. But Dr. King goes even into more in depth in his letter. By .
             now making a series of ethical appeals in such a way that he is able to refute and proof .
             wrong the clergymen and the statements they made. For example when the clergymen .
             talk about that the demonstrations by negroes in the streets are untimely. Dr. king then .
             establishes a powerful ethical appeal, by saying that the demonstrations are not untimely, .
             because they delayed them twice before due to elections and other holidays. He goes .
             even further by saying that the black community has delayed these demonstrations for the .
             last 350 years. In which the values and rights of negroes had been abused off. Through .
             this ethical appeal Dr. king simply refuted the claims of the clergymen, publicly proving .
             them wrong. These kind of appeal gave Dr. king an edge in the matter. Because people .
             were starting to see that he was right in what he was doing, because the State of Alabama .
             didn't leave him no other option.
             After that the clergymen made another attempt to stop Dr. king's efforts and to try .
             to proof him wrong. They said that Dr. King was leading these demonstrations without a .
             parade permit. So they used that statement to keep him in jail. But again Dr. king by .
             establishing another ethical appeal, he is able to refute these claims. Dr. king said, that he .
             did go to the court, and waited like any other person and good citizen, then he requested .
             this permit many times. But every single time it was denied over and over because the .
             city would let negroes parade in the street and fight for their rights. Simply because .
             according to the White Power structure the city was suppose to be run by white people .

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