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Analyse in detail the use of film techniques/film style in t

            Analyse in detail the use of film techniques/film style in the film extract screened, and how these work to produce meanings and establish themes.
             Soderbergh uses many different film techniques and styles included in the mise-en-scene, the cinematography, the editing, and the sound create the desired effects and accomplish the narrative of the film. In this essay the five components listed above will be explored and analysed in order see how they work to create meanings and establish themes. .
             The mise-en-scene of a film is an important element in setting the scene, it gives a sense of place, time, manor and character. There are many props and settings used in the initial scene of "The Limey". Firstly there is a long vehicle crossing through the shot suggesting a long journey. The winding of the lengthy machine and also two policemen in full uniform represents the future twists in the film. The usage of aeroplanes and taxi's symbolises wealth, this along with the idea of formality is also emphasised with Wilson wearing a shirt and pinstripe tie. The hotel that Wilson stays is unfamiliar to him and only had the basic essentials this is contrasted with Edward Roel's house, which immediately has a welcoming and homely feel to it. The first point that the audience notices about both men is the difference in their faces, Wilson has a chiselled and thin face whereas Roel has a plumper rounded face. Roel is wearing a white vest with a motif on covered by a khaki coloured shirt and has his left ear pierced this is opposed to Wilson's costume. The tattoo "Rose" on Roel's neck suggests loving relationships and as he is standing at the front door there is family in the background, which is conflicted with Wilson's only being filmed alone in the first section. As Roel opens the door he is holding a baking tray with a tea towel, this and a washing line covered in laundry are two aspects indicating a normal family life again emphasising Wilson's unusual lifestyle.

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