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             When I think of world hunger the first relief I consider is a charitable approach, but is that really the best solution to defeat world hunger? Many people believe the approach charitable groups take towards hunger is a short-term solution. Therefore, troubles such as poverty, inequality and hunger are all results of structural problems and cannot be fixed by one time charitable help. The media only displays and favors charitable approaches towards hunger, which is a short-term resolution. .
             Consumer Hunger Part Two was a documentary looked at the Ethiopian famine crisis. The charitable approach taken was a live celebrity concert for relief funds for the famine. Billions of viewers across the whole world tuned in because of the many celebrities and donating money to "end famine". In the film the idea that was presented was the famine could end in that one day. The structural implications were definitely hidden. Following the charity concert, a small village in Kenya is shown. A man explains that food and aid was being sent from all around the world. The idea that the rest of Africa not helping was not true. The blame for this inaccuracy is directly placed upon the media. The fact that little or no coverage on how Africa was also helping Ethiopia was created by news shows. .
             The deep structural problems that lead to hunger are shown in Bolaria and Wotherspoon's article, they discuss income inequality in comparison to life chances and food banks in Canada as a response to hunger. In the article income inequality is seen as a crucial dimension of social stratification. With income inequality comes the structural problems that led to hunger and poverty. Bolaria and Wotherspoon state that hunger is caused by poverty. In an attempt to find structural reasons for poverty an inquiry in Regina was done. It states that minimum wage rates became low, their was high unemployment and low paying part-time job, overall high coasts, poor-equality in housing (making people spend at least 50% of their income on shelter), inadequate support services, inadequate welfare allowances and inadequate financial supports of the working poor.

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