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Water in the great lakes: pollution or solution

             Water pollution occurs mostly when people .
             It's defined as contaminations of .
             streams, and ocean bays by substances harmful to .
             living things.
             There are many causes for water pollution but .
             two general categories exist, .
             direct and indirect contaminant sources. .
             Indirect sources include .
             contaminants that enter the water from soils, .
             ground waters systems and from .
             the atmosphere via rain. Soils and ground waters .
             contain the residue of .
             human agricultural practices for example, .
             pesticides, fertilizers, and .
             improperly disposed of industrial wastes. .
             Atmospheric contaminants are also .
             derived from humans" practices such as gaseous .
             emission from automobiles, .
             factories and even bakeries.
             Water is very important to our life on earth. .
             All organisms contain it, .
             some live in it and some drink it. Animals and .
             plants require water that is .
             moderately pure, and they cannot survive if the .
             water is loaded of harmful .
             microorganisms and toxic chemicals. Water .
             pollution can kill a large amount .
             of fish, birds, and many other kind of animals, .
             is some cases killing all .
             members of the same species in an affected area. .
             Pollution could make a lot .
             of beautiful sight look very unpleasant for .
             example, lakes, streams, and .
             coastal water. It could also give it a really bad .
             smell that it would make .
             people not wants to swim in that kind of water.
             Pollution could also make some of the sea food .
             un healthy to eat. People .
             who ingest polluted water can become very ill and .
             if they are exposed for a .
             long time, they might have a slight chance to .
             develop cancer or have .
             children with birth defects. Some effects of .
             water pollution are poisonous .
             water, poisonous food animals, unbalanced rivers .
             and lake ecosystems that .
             can no longer support full biological diversity, .
             deforestation from acid .
             rain, and many other effects. These effects are .
             specific to the various .
             Other major water pollutants are chemical, .
             biological, and physical .

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