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Cashless Society

             When I first got this assignment I thought, whatever, we are in the "cashless" society. Everyone uses credit cards and debit cards to pay for things. I only bank online or through the ATM, it's been a long time since I've been inside a bank. I rarely have cash. (I might lose it) But when I started reading some of the articles, I couldn't believe the invasiveness that would go along with the whole concept of a society without cash.
             "I can't even begin to discuss the horrors of a society where every single thing you did- and think about how many things you do require a money transaction-could be tracked and traced by a government computer. The problem is not a cashless society, or computers controlling it, but, as usual, who controls the computer. Keep it in mind before you trade away your personal freedom for convenience." .
             In most the articles the authors were negative towards the whole idea, and some even quoted the bible/ revelations and how the main parts of the concept of a cashless society has to do with the devil. It quotes "the mark of the beast" being on the forehead or right hand. And that is exactly where proposed identification would be really put on us. After reading those points of views I really started to think about how kind of true and scary that is. .
             The only real good things that were pointed out that would benefit society is how the theft of cash would be impossible, therefore bank robberies and cash register robs would cease. Along with that, security costs and insurance rates would fall. They also pointed out how the sale of illegal drugs would diminish. Although I have to disagree with the drugs, people who are addicted and people who keep the people addicted would find a way. May it be through bartering or what, but drugs won't go away that easy!.
             There is a system being developed for the "cashless society" called Mon-dex, which stands for money belonging to or located on the right hand.

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