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One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

             The movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, takes place at a State Mental Institution in Oregon during the 1960s. The focus of the movie was on a variety of mentally ill patients under the care of a very controlling and detested Nurse Ratched along with her overly aggressive assistants. A man by the name Randall McMurphy is committed to the ward and was previously in jail for violent acts and having sex with a minor. He is accused numerous times of faking a mental disorder and is both exceedingly rebellious and impulsive. McMurphy appears to enjoy acting this way, although Nurse Ratched and her staff scowl upon his behavior. McMurphy seems to be very therapeutic for the other patients in his ward, helping them out with their problems indirectly and giving them the confidence they needed in the first place. At the end of the movie, however, McMurphy is not as fortunate. After violently attacking Nurse Ratched out of hatred, he is forced to undergo a lobotomy, leaving him a vegetable. Perhaps the one man McMurphy has the largest effect on, the Chief, suffocates him out of sympathy and respect. The reason the Chief suffocates McMurphy, is so that he no longer has to suffer the effects of the lobotomy. There are many other hardships throughout the movie with other patients; however, there are also enjoyable and humorous moments as well.
             2). The Chief is a 46-year-old World War II Veteran that stands at 6" 7" tall and has been a part of the institution for 10 years. Everyone, with the exception of R.P. McMurphy, believes the Chief is a drunk Indian that doesn't speak and can't understand what people are saying. I don't think this is an accurate assessment of the Chief or his abilities as a human being. To me, it seems as though the Chief takes a different perspective on the world than most people. He chooses to observe people in the ward rather than be a part of it. I think that if the other members of the ward along with the staff, had shown the Chief the affection that McMurphy did, he might have been more open and may have even talked.

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