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Middle east

             Today in Social Studies my classmates and I have to write a letter to inform someone about the similarities and differences between American culture and Middle East culture. I will start by mentioning some similarities and differences about both cultures. The first similarity between American culture and Middle East culture is that they both have a church to pray and thank god. The second similarity is that they both have buildings for shopping, which include restaurants, grocery and clothing stores. The last similarity is that they both have bars, where they play games and have fun. Here are some differences between the American and Middle East culture. The first difference is that some women in the Middle East wear head coverings, because their husbands don't want their wife to look attractive. The second difference about these two cultures is that often the Middle East pray outside on the street, which causes traffic. The third difference is that the Middle East culture eat dinner sitting altogether in a circle on the floor. What I would like to learn more about is why do the women and girls have to wear head coverings, and why do they cover their whole body up. One thing that I didn't know about the Middle East culture is that the women are not allowed to attend their own wedding. It is so awesome that many people in the Middle East know how to speak and write more than two languages. What amazed me was that some people in the Middle East eat in a mat and not in a dinner table. Isn't this interesting Dora? I hope you enjoyed learning a few differences and similarities between the American culture and the Middle East culture.
             Sincerely, .

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