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MIddle East

             The United States have been deeply involved in the Middle East for over fifty years (CQ 4). During these years there have been many situations that have needed United States intervention, yet many actions that the U.S has felt that involvement was necessary and acted upon, the actions were not needed. The U.S faced consequences when acting like the "Big Boss- in the Middle East, and some of the consequences were avoidable. When the U.S did get involved, some of their actions taken were executed with tunnel-vision, not thinking about what long-term or even short-term effects could possibly happen. The malice that came out at the end greatly outweighed that of the other choices that were on the table. Some of the actions were taken with the future of the American economy in mind; some were taken predicting the absolute worst that could happen and felt they needed to stop "evil- (Hurewitz 58), some for political reasons, but mostly all the actions were taken to benefit the United States in one way or another (CQ 39). The U.S has fully been pro-Israel, and they were blinded to the other nations in the Middle East that also need support (Hadawi 19). The U.S led themselves into a trap, one that might be unforgivable. .
             There has been an eye full of hate cast over the west, mainly the United States, by most Arab countries. What did the U.S do to deserve this? What could they have done to avoid all of this? The answer to these questions lies in the flaws and open-endedness of their Foreign Policy. Their policy has many blemishes (CQ 77), often times contradicting itself, like their relationship with Israel, funding them and arming them, and trying to create peace in the Middle East between Israel and it neighbors (Miller & Mylroine 32). These are two goals that cannot be pursued simultaneously because in order to create peace, why create, or help out a war machine as well. America's image of hypocrisy is born, and with that along comes the hate for it.

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