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50 Cent

            Screw a Dollar, All You Need is 50 Cent.
             It was the night of 50 Cent's biggest concert to date, a sold out crowd of 15,000 in Long Island's Nassau Coliseum. It was almost time to go onstage, so he slipped on his bulletproof vest and pulled the Velcro straps tight. 50 is wealthier and more successful than he has ever been in his life, yet he's not so great in everybody's eyes. "Niggas out there sellin' drugs is after what I got from rappin'," he said. Marquis, the mother of 50 Cent's baby boy, appeared and held up a tailor-made kiddie-sized navy-blue bulletproof vest that her son was going to wear while onstage. There's something cute and playful about it, but it is worn for more than just looks. .
             If you have listened to any of the major hip hop stations or have tuned in to MTV or BET, then you have undoubtedly heard of 50 Cent. His name seems to be all over the music industry. His album "Get Rich or Die Trying," whose title defines his life, has sold over two million copies in three weeks, and is currently number one on the Billboard charts. .
             Even with all this success 50 Cent doesn't seem overwhelmed at all. He still possesses the same modest look on his face that is illuminated by his bright smile and his giant diamond-studded silver medallion. He talks slowly and in a mellow voice but his words are far from that, as depicted when he explained that he is a missing a tooth from one of his few shooting incidents. .
             Life for 50 Cent has not been full of happiness and success. It's more so been filled with violence, tragedy, and failure, that 50 has had to overcome to get to where he is today. .
             50 Cent, birth name Curtis Jackson, has been surrounded by violence from the time of his birth. He was on born on July 6th, 1976 in Jamaica, Queens. The area is notorious for bloodshed and drugs, (especially crack). One resident of the area said, "A lot of niggas dumped bodies on that side of town." .
             50 never knew his father nor does he care to.

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