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Caste System

             For centuries the Caste system was respected and looked upon as India's strength by.
             However, today the caste system has nothing but put India in a major international.
             crisis. Poverty, has swept over the nation and placed more than "15 million in the virtual.
             slavery of labor." These lower caste people that form the majority of the population are.
             the "untouchables". For years India has been a Hindu-dominated country. The Hindus are.
             set to believe that each and everyone is reborn or reincarnated to fulfill and correct their.
             past lives. With each reincarnation, they are one step closer to being "one" with Brahma.
             (god, in which they worship). The lives which they live is based on their Karma or the.
             negative or positive force based on the person's actions. As virtuous and spiritual does.
             their religion seems, their country is in desperate need of economical help because of it. In.
             my perspective I do agree that the caste system is India's moral Achilles" heel. It will.
             continue being India's weakness until something is done! India has to overcome this battle.
             and see that if something is not done by either the government or the people. This will.
             form into a bigger crisis and later resulting in the fall of the nation. New York Times.
             journalist, Barbara Crossette, speaks about the caste system in India and agrees that the.
             "Caste system is India's Moral Achilles" Heel. If only India's government was not based.
             on apartheid, or for many there is no apartheid only a mutual understanding of a people's.
             places in the world. Aside from this issue, there still is discrimination of lower caste.
             people. In addition, to the many social problems this nation faces the government has not.
             done anything to modify or improve these people's problems.
             Why hasn't India done anything to improve it's "battle against apartheid." Is the.
             Hindu religious beliefs considered apartheid to most? Yes, for many the discrimination and.

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