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Caste System

            A caste is a living enactment of Hindu ideas of difference. It is a model showing their different truths, different lives through rebirth, and different karmas and dharmas. The composition of the caste and the basic ideas of Hindu beliefs have contributed to almost every accomplishment- and failure- of Historic India. Caste dominates the Hindus" manner, morals, and thought. It is considered to be the most distinctive custom in the social life of the Hindus and their country, India.
             Although no one is assured how old the system is, it is still the one system that distinguishes Hindu social life from the lives of others in different religions. There are 5 main groups of the caste (also known as jatis), which are based on occupation. Castes determined a child's destiny from birth. All of the parent's jobs and personal habits were passed on to their children. .
             The first caste, the Brahmanas, include priests and teachers. The works of the Brahmanas are thought to include self-harmony, purity, righteousness, wisdom, and faith. Next would be the Kshatriyas, which are the warriors and rulers. Their works include braveness, inner fire, and noble leadership. The Vaishyas and the Sudras are kind of low on the social scale. The Vaishyas include the farmers and trades men, while the Sudras are the menials (the unskilled, or not of importance). .
             And then there were the Untouchables. They lived apart from everyone else and were avoided by others for many centuries. They did the unclean jobs such as cleaning the bathrooms for animals and humans, disposing of the dead that were unclaimed, and manufacturing leather goods. They were not allowed in Hindu temples, or even allowed to draw water form the village wells.
             In reality, there are many thousands of sub-castes branched from these 5 main castes. The people that were in the same caste as one another looked out for each other and were friends (like one immense family).

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