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Constitution (flexibility)

             When the United States Constitution was written, it gave the basic framework of a government but it also left room for improvement. The Constitution set up the basics of a government, including three branches of government. The Constitution is flexible and can change over time to adapt. The Amendment Process and the Elastic Clause are two of the many parts of the Constitution that make it flexible. If the Constitution wasn't flexible, changes couldn't be made, and most likely new Constitutions would have to be written if changes wanted to be made in the government.
             Article V of the Constitution states how it can legally be amended. The Amendment process allows amendments to the Constitution. Congress approving a proposed amendment by at least two-thirds of each house can do this. After that, three-quarters of the state legislatures have to approve it. Then the amendment becomes part of the Constitution. In over 200 years, only 27 amendments have been added to the Constitution. An example of an amendment would be the 17th amendment. This amendment allows the direct election of senators. In the early 1900s, big businesses were taking over. Elections were being rigged and people weren't being elected fairly. With the passing of the 17th amendment, elections couldn't be rigged and senators could be elected fairly. Ballots were made private instead of public, so no one would feel obligated or forced to vote for someone and fake ballots couldn't be made. When the Constitution was written, there weren't any businesses at all really, and they came along as the United States grew. They couldn't anticipate that this law would have to be in the Constitution, so by the amendment process, it would legally be added.
             The Elastic Clause is in Article I, Section 8, Clause 18 of the Constitution. It allows Congress to make any laws that are needed for carrying out the tasks listed in the Constitution.

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