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The Causes of the Rise of the Divorce Rate in India

            Marriages are conducted in different ways in different places around the world. In many tribal areas, men can kidnap the women they want to marry from different tribes, and marry them. In the West, the common practice among the population is for each individual to "choose" their own mate, usually on the basis of love. In India, the common practice is the arranged marriage. The methods in which all these people get married has a direct effect on the divorce rate in that particular area. The divorce rate in India increases when young people are able to select their own spouses rather than having their own parents select the spouse. This is important because of the increase in the divorce rate in the recent past. .
             The divorce rate in any particular area is a percentage of the overall number of people going through a divorce in that particular area. The divorce rate in India about twenty years ago was about 5 percent. Now, the divorce rate is about 12.5 percent. This rate, in recent years, has increased tremendously. In one area, called Haryana, a reported 5,000 divorces occur every year. This is the highest in the country among states with comparable populations (Mohan). This is quite alarming to many sociologists in India (Mohan). Some think this is because of the doing away with traditional methods of getting married, which is the arranged marriage, and the adoption of the Western method of the love marriage. .
             The arranged marriage is defined as the choosing of the spouse by the parents of the boy and girl (Adler, Geilen 109). This method started from the Hindu ruling class of India hundreds of years ago. The reason for the kings doing this was to keep the property within the family. They also started doing this in order to keep coherence between the bride and bridegroom, as well as, in the families. By using this method, two members from the same type of family with the same interests could get married, and this would do away with all the anxieties of trying to find a good family for the daughter of the family.

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