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Pro Nuclear Energy

            Since the beginning of time, people have needed energy to stay alive. Though back then it was just food, our times have changed so drastically that inanimate objects now need energy so that we can survive. As fossil fuel prices only rise, we have turned to other solutions to get the energy we need. One of these ways is by means of nuclear power. I believe, based on past knowledge and the knowledge I've gained by watching these movies, that using nuclear power is an excellent solution to our energy problem. .
             Nuclear power has served our nation and others very well since we began using it a few decades ago. It has become one of our last resorts due to the fact that other forms of energy are way too expensive. Nearly every country in the world has had to resort to buying oil from Arab nations simply because our lands don't have much left. There's always the argument of digging in Alaska but I won't get into that one (even though oil is more important than sea-lions). The Arab countries know they have control in this situation so it is up to them to ultimately set the prices of what the fuel goes for over in the states. Nuclear power, though, is a way that we can produce energy in our own country and we would have control. .
             Some would argue that there is danger in having nuclear plants. 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl were terrible accidents that resulted in sickness and even death. Those mistakes have been learned from though and are very unlikely to happen again. With the technology we have today, our nuclear reactors are safer than ever, all around the globe. Everyone has heard the phrase "we all make mistakes! That's part of life and we learn from those mistakes in order to progress. Well no such tragedies have happened since then which tells me that we are in fact growing. We've only gone upwards in the ways of using nuclear energy and will continue to progress everyday. .
             Another argument in the question of whether we should still resort to nuclear energy is "Where will we put the nuclear waste?" It's true that the half-life of these chemicals can last for thousands of years.

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