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Wind Power - An Effective and Renewable Resource

            This paper focuses on the debate surrounding the use of wind power as a renewable resource. The basic information regarding wind power will be given, as well as the opinion of both sides of the debate. The conclusion will focus on my findings and the reasons behind it. .
             A natural resource is considered renewable if it is replenished with the passage of time and can be replaced in relatively short period of time. Renewable resources are all around us comprised of the air we breathe, the soil we walk on, the water we drink, the plants we smell and use for food, and the sun that keeps us and planet Earth alive. (College of Agriculture).
             While we as a planet are lucky to have these renewable resources at our disposal, we also have the benefits of other natural resources which however are not considered renewable. These resources cannot be replaced in a short period of time, and in many cases, cannot be replaced at all. These resources include fossil fuels, oil, coal, copper, diamonds, natural gas, iron ore, minerals, and gold.(Krautkraemer, 1013).
             At the center of debate recently has been the use of wind energy. As of 2006, the United States has over 9,000 megawats (MW) of generating capacity, totaling 25 billion kWh of electricity. While this number sounds impressive, that amount counts for only 1% of the power generated a year in the United States. (Layton, 2006) The debate here lies in if wind power should be expanded and more widely utilized. Most can agree that any sort of renewable resource for energy is a good thing, but making it work and issues such as cost and volume continue to be concerns surrounding its usage.
             Below you will find arguments presented by both sides of this controversial subject. They will be presented in a straight-forward, honest, and unbiased manner. After reading all of the facts I invite the reader to then make a decision as to the use of wind energy, and to read my opinion on it as well.

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