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Samuel Daniel's Sonnet Thirty-Three

            A sonnet sequence is a collection of sonnets, which is a poem consisting of fourteen lines that usually deals with subjects such as love, passion, and nature. A sonnet sequence's sonnets share the same subject matter and the same type of dramatic situation. Samuel Daniel's sonnet sequence, Delia, is an expression of true love. It tells of everlasting love, one that is faithful and loyal. Sonnet number thirty-three tells of this type of love. The speaker is a man telling a woman, Delia, how deep his passion is for her. This poem is an anthem of love written from the deepest part of a man's soul, trying so desperately to win the love of a woman.
             Daniel writes in line six, "Though spent my flame, in me the heat remaining." He is saying that even though he is getting old, and he has spent his flame, that the heat and passion for her still remains after all of these years. He has loved her since he was a young man, which is said in line seven, "I that have loved thee thus before thou fadest." All men should follow in this man's path when it comes to love. He knows how to love and how to express his feelings. He explains this in lines nine and ten, when Daniel writes, "The world shall find this miracle in me/That fire can burn when all the matter's spent." He is saying how it is so rare to find a love like his. It is very hard to find a man that is willing to love a woman with all of his heart for his entire life, even when her beauty has faded. .
             This sonnet also talks of heartache. Even though this man has undying love for this individual, she does not return it. He hopes she one day sees what she has done to him. He expresses this anger in lines twelve through fourteen when he says, "And that thou wast unkind thou mayst repent / Thou mayst repent that thou hast scorned my tears / When winter snows upon my golden hairs." He wants so badly for her to see how much she has hurt him.

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