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Willy Loman in The death of a Salesman

             Willy Loman to this day is one of the hardest characters for an actor to act .
             The reason why is that he is a complex character that is held .
             prisoner in his own beliefs of a what a successful man should be. He constantly .
             is switching from the real world to his fantasy and past happenings. He believes.
             that a man who with hard work, perseverance, or personality would be rich and .
             achieve the American Dream.
             He feels that he was a very successful man back in 1928. Although he .
             understands the whole profession of being a salesman (where they use you up .
             and spit you out), he fails to realize his personal failure and betrayal of his soul .
             and family through the constructed deception of his life. Willy is too driven by his .
             own willfulness to recognize the crooked reality that his mind has forged. .
             You see, a salesman does not make his or her own product, has not .
             mastered a particular skill or a body of knowledge, and works on the empty .
             substance of dreams and promises. Additionally, a salesman must sell .
             his or her personality as much as his or her product. Willy Loman falsely believes .
             he needs nothing more than to be well liked to make it big. .
             Willy believes that his son Biff could of been a great businessman who .
             could of achieved the American dream. Only if he didn't dwindle his life away at .
             the worthless ranches when he failed math in college. How Biff has affected .
             Willy was in a big way. In the climax of this play, Biff tried to make Willy realize.
             that they both have failed at the American dream, and that they both don't have .
             real skills and leadership ability to succeed. Willy refuses to listen to what Biff is .
             saying; he tells Biff how great he is and how successful he can become. Biff is .
             frustrated because Willy refuses to face the truth. In anger, Biff breaks down and .
             sobs, telling Willy just to forget about him. .
             During all of this, Willy is cruelly taken off of salary and put on straight .

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