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Definition of honor

            In the Webster's Dictionary it states the definition of honor as someone with high regard or respect; personal integrity; reputation and privilege. What Webster's Dictionary does not tell are the people who would qualify as being honorable under these traits. Honor, to me, means a person who is a team player, a family man and a person who does not always think of himself all the time.
             Emmitt Smith, a running back for the Dallas Cowboys, is a person who fits under being a person who has honor. Even though my favorite team in the National Football League (NFL) is the Miami Dolphins, Emmitt Smith portrays his honor both on and off the field. This past year, Emmitt Smith became the all-time rushing leader in football history. This is a tremendous milestone for a running back, but not as big as winning the great Lombardi trophy. Emmitt Smith rushed for every yard with the same team, the Dallas Cowboys, which is the most unique part of his record. That symbolizes how honorable Smith is because he stuck with a team that went through many turbulent years. He gave his full effort day in and day out to bring back the super bowl status that the Cowboys once were. In my own dictionary, looking up Emmitt Smith would easy as cutting a hot knife through butter. The definition of Emmitt Smith would be one word, honor.
             Staying with honor in the sports industry, the other example would be six time basketball champion Michael Jordan. Almost everyone in the entire nation knows Jordan and his hall of fame ability to play the game of basketball. He, too, is a man of great honor to those all round him. Not only has he done a lot for his team, but also for the community by giving back to them the things that they need. Jordan showed honor by bringing a very weak Washington Wizards team to a team with possible playoff contention. He was able to accomplish this in a couple of years. He showed how anyone can be in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and all it takes is hard work and some talent.

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