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Compare and Contrast this quote

            "Literature opens a dark window on the soul revealing more about what is bad in human nature than what is good." This quote means that in most books the authors write about what is going wrong with people and the bad things that people cause, not the good. You don't see many books out there that is written about the good in people, there are more written about the bad because it is much more interesting to the reader. Two stories that deal with these factors are "The Most Dangerous Games" by Richard Connell and "The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson. Each of these short stories deals with the good and bad side of human nature.
             "Literature opens up a dark window to the soul- This is a good quote for the story "The Most Dangerous games." In this story there is a hunter named Rainsford that gets stuck on an island. It turns out that he is stuck there in a palace with Zaroff, who is also a hunter. These two have a lot in common except Zaroff lives on this island and doesn't hunt animals; he began to hunt humans. He purposely gets people to come to his island so he can hunt them for sport. Zaroff then makes a deal with Rainsford, if he plays along with Zaroffs "game" and wins he is allowed off the island and whoever looses gets fed to the dogs. Rainsford ends up winning the game and kills Zaroff. He chooses to remain on the island. This shows that Rainsford has become Zaroff, heartless and he also will begin to hunt humans. The author purposely wrote the story like this because he knows that you wouldn't expect this from Rainsford, it didn't seem like he was that type of person.
             " Revealing more about what is bad in human nature than what is good." This is the other half of the quote that now relates more to the person that Rainsford has become. In the story the author is revealing what is bad in Rainsfords and Zaroffs qualities than what is good. He writes about how at one point Zaroff did hunt animals but he grew bored of that and began to hunt humans.

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